Garage Design Ideas

Garage Design Ideas
Garage Design Ideas
Garage Design Ideas-Development of the current car garage design is constantly evolving and increasingly varied. The design is kept abreast of developments that shape the current trend. Car garage design or run should not deviate from the overall design of the building itself, let's keep it to give the impression that the garage together with the main house in terms of aesthetics.

Although a car garage design depends on the tastes of the owner's own home, but there are important things that need to be noticed, the look of the garage door itself. Because it will directly affect the overall appearance of the building face. Rolling door or sliding door is a door that is generally used in car garages.

picture car garage
You make sure the color matches the shape and overall design of your home. If applied to the car garage home is not using the door (open), make sure there are barriers that can unequivocally distinguish between a garage, a terrace and there is space in the next (eg rooms). Examples of such separation, for example, to distinguish colors, distinguishing ornaments, put limits with potted plants and others.

Model car garage

If the location of the garage separate from house building, you should note that the garage roof. The most influential factor on the garage roof shape is support structure. At present the building is generally characterized by a minimalist garage is geometric. The roof of the garage can be designed using a simple frame structure concrete or steel frame with poly-carbonate cover, it could be a wiring structure made cantiliver so impressed with the high technology.

models outside the car garage

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